Stamped Concrete Projects by Excel Concrete in Nanaimo

Gone are the days of cold, dreary, gray concrete! Stamped concrete, imprinted and coloured to look like other natural surfaces, brings form and function to any home or business. With a variety of colours and textures to choose from, Excel Concrete Finishing elevates concrete from mere foundation to a real design finisher. Add a touch of style to sidewalks, driveways, interior floors and patios with Excel's custom stamped concrete.

excel-concrete-stamped-concrete18.jpg excel-concrete-stamped-concrete16.jpg excel-concrete-stamped-concrete15.jpg excel-concrete-stamped-concrete12.jpg excel-concrete-stamped-concrete10.jpg excel-concrete-stamped-concrete09.jpg excel-concrete-stamped-concrete08.jpg excel-concrete-stamped-concrete06.jpg excel-concrete-stamped-concrete04.jpg excel-concrete-stamped-concrete03.jpg excel-concrete-stamped-concrete02.jpg excel-concrete-stamped-concrete01.jpg